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> From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>
> > (when we were really, really small), we had a major accounting
> > error.  We were short about $10,000 in the morning and we had
> > bills to pay by noon.  We prayed about the problem knowing that
> > there was really nothing *we* could do about it.  That morning, a
> > $12,000 job came in (it found us).  The bills were payed on time.
> >  This is a small example,
> > yes, but I've
> > found that it's usually the smallest things that reinforce my
> > belief in God.
> lol. a job came into your office. how is that a miracle? people
> bring us work all the time. it covers our bills. what's the big
> deal?
> shit happens.


I find it a little odd that people look to a normal incident
happening at the right time as a miracle, yet they pay little mind to
the amazing shit that created that "right time" in the first place.

A ten-thousand dollar accounting error? That's amazing.

Your company got work? Not so amazing (unless your company never gets
work, which I doubt is the case). I mean, really, what's more
probable to happen? Your company getting work, or your company losing
ten thousand bucks in an accounting error? If miracles can be
negative (and the definitions on m-w.com don't seem to imply a
positive event, just an event), your accounting error is the fucking

IMO anyway.

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