[thechat] That old time religion

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Fri May 25 07:45:03 CDT 2001

On 24 May 2001, at 16:16, Ron White posted a message which said:

> The 30% (taking out scientists who don't believe in creation
> but still think of themselves as Christian certainly lowers this number) of
> the world who describe themselves as Christian believe the world was created
> by divine hand and the other 70%! of the world believe it was done some
> other way, whether evolution/BigBang or what have you. 

That's sorta like saying "Some people think soup comes from cooks,
and other people think it comes from a stove".

There are quite a few of us that think science studies the stove
that the cook uses, and religion studies the cook.


 "The church is near but the road is icy; 
  the bar is far away but I will walk carefully." 
                            -- Russian Proverb

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