[thechat] Here's a question - car batteries -

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Mon Jun 4 09:41:42 CDT 2001

Bob Davis wrote:
> I've always had great luck with Interstate batteries.
> Die Hard used to be a good one, but they kind of suck now. They don't
> seem to hold up to the rigors of winter here too well.
> http://www.interstatebatteries.com/estore/default.asp
> There are only a few kinds (they have standard sizes), so just buy the
> one that has the most CCA's that will fit your car. That's what I do.
> I think you can get Interstate at Pep Boys or Nappa.

Cool Bob - Thanks. I think this is on the money. I think we have Kragen
out here.

Ron White wrote:
> I reckon you could try www.sears.com and see if there's a link to diehard
> batteries there. Try Google with "car battery"?

Google seemed useless.

Sears is a good idea - though there's no "automotive" on their home
page. Kind of odd. A search for "car battery" gets hits though.

Nicole Parrot wrote:
> I'd ICQ my dad ;-)

*chuckle* - I like that answer. I'd ICQ my uncle - if he had an ICQ

"Luther, Ron" wrote:
> How 'bout ... http://www.pepboys.com/products/list.shtm#batteries
> If it's a "normal" car .... If it's for your old Birdcage Maserati or
> something ...    ;-)
> then I might try http://www.rareparts.com/

Cool beans!

It's for a plain vanilla Toyota Corolla - 1988. Which wanted to be
ornery this morning. I think it's just the battery, but it might be
more. I let it lay, and Jenny (my wife) brought me to work. But I want
to sort out which battery I need to get during the day, then when she
picks me up we can go get a battery.

Thanks a million for all the thoughts!

	- Joe <http://artlung.com/>

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