[thechat] Can you survive on Linux alone?

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Mon Jun 4 14:37:17 CDT 2001

Joe wrote:
> This is an interesting question - but for web kidz like us we always end
> up having all kinds of boxes around. On any given day I use WinNT, Mac,
> FreeBSD, and Linux. I can't imagine surviving on any OS alone. :-\

That is a *good* point. More OS's is a Good Thing.

Win98 (primary play box, at home workstation)
RedHat (currently having "issues")
RedHat (working and awaiting duty as firewall)

Solaris (2 servers)
Mac (2 for testing)
WinNT (1 server, misc workstations)
Win2k (my primary workstation)
Win98 (encoding station)

And these are just the ones I personally use. There are more around in the
office, including a couple of Linux workstations (don't know what flavor, I
suspect redhat).


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