[thechat] Doh, sorry (was Re: Can you survive on Linux alone?)

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 16:10:29 CDT 2001

> Looking for an album to buy? Like big ass pop-punk? Then you need to buy
> "Blow In The Wind" by Me-First And The Gimme Gimmes. Got hold of it last
> and it hasn't been off the stereo since then.

+1 on that, I haven't got the album but I have lots of their tracks on the
Fat Wreck Chords compilations. I especially like their version of the
"Cheers" theme. Congratulations though, you have gone back up in my musical
estimation since your slip about liking the Manics :)
If you like that sort of music have you seen the line up for the Concrete
Jungle stage at Reading Festival in August: Rocket from the Crypt, Lagwagon,
Mad Caddies, 28 Days, Snuff etc.

See you down the front?

kjs at ratking.co.uk

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