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Mon Jun 4 16:11:44 CDT 2001

--- Joe Crawford <jcrawford at avencom.com> wrote:
> Quackamoe wrote:
> > PS - anybody up for a thread about the upcoming
> > movie version of LotR?
> 1. I'm not a fan of LotR - but I have deep geek
> roots, and appreciate that I /could be a fan/
> but for:
> 2. I have been unable to finish reading the thing. 
I read most of it straight through sitting on a 
towel at Pacific Beach during Spring Break a few
(ahem) years ago. I've now read the Hobbit outloud
to four of my five children and am almost 1/2 way 
through LotR with my 10yearold.

> which puts it in good company with:
> 3. Dune, and Gravity's Rainbow 

I couldn't get past about 20 pages in Thomas Covenant
the first time. A few years later I tried again and
read all 6 volumes almost nonstop. Unemployed at the
time. heh heh.

Had no trouble with Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children
of Dune, but never started whatever book 4 was. The
1981 movie had, let's say, some faults. SciFi channel
is going to rerun their made for tv version starting
June 12, if anybody's interested. (Dune, that is.)
I can't address the tv version of Dune cuz I didn't
see it. Yet.

But then, I never finished Stranger in a Strange Land
or the Foundation series.
> as books which I can start, but not finish. But I
> /intend/ to finish before I die. :-)
> Incidentally - I'm reading a big article on LotR
> right now - it's on http://www.salon.com/ -- looks
I'll have to wait until everybody goes home to look
at it. ;)

Also, for anybody interested in cinematic/tv 
scifi/horror/fantasy doings, 

is a fantastic resource.

Terry Fowler
who thinks Quickbeam of Fangorn is better than
Sancho Took of Great Smials, hmmm, hommm, hrrrooomm.

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