[thechat] Can you survive on Linux alone?

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 4 17:47:36 CDT 2001

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Stuff I use windows for:

@ work:
it's the standard platform - w95 on a really,
really old Stinkpad. To say that it sucks is
putting it mildly. So I use MS Office stuff,
IE5.5/Opera (cos ie4 was getting *painful*
and IBM's HomepageReader needs 5.5) &
Lotus Notes for mail/groupware.

@ home:
Spiffy Vaio running w98 but which won't
do any kind of peer to peer networking across
my home LAN to my wife, Lucy's computer. I use
it for browser testing, working from home
on MSoffice apps (word/excel/powerpoint
mostly) cos the work laptop sucks so much,
and also downloading the data from my dive
computer. Lucy also carts it around the
country for giving presentations as it's
about 5 kilos lighter than the work ones,
so it gets GIS packages temporarily
installed from time to time.

I also use it for CFStudio, although rarely
for CF. Lack of time mostly.

Also have a dell box which is 90% Lucy's
use. She uses it for mail & games (current
favourite: Black & White)

Beige Mac G3, running ImageReady, PS4,
DW, BBEdit, Claris Emailer, Palm stuff,
FTP, SSH. What I'm typing on rn.

I also have an old P75 which has a crap,
borken redhat7 install, which may go over
to Caldera soonish, intended as a Samba

So yeh, like most folks, I'm largely platform
agnostic - each has things I like about it. But
the only thing I *really* need Windows for
is my dive computer software.


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