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A couple of my favorites not yet mentioned:

Any of the series by Barbara Hambly - start with the "Silent Tower", "Ladies
of Mandrygyn", or "Time of the Dark" to start three great trilogies ( or

Robert Jordan - Eye of the World.  Only if you have a lot of time on your
hands.  Great books, but just finished book 9 out of God-knows-how-many and
each is 700 pgs.  Good, though.

Raymond Feist - Silverthorn saga.  Starts with Magician:APprentice.  Good

I'm glad someone mentioned Thomas Covenenat.  Read the entire series when I
was 16 - hated Thomas, loved the series.  Probably the most hated
protaganist I've ever read.  Probably about time for a re-read to see how
much my tastes have changed as my life has changed.  I've got a 12 hour car
trip to Hilton Head, South carolina for a 10 day vacation on Friday.
Proabaly worth taking along.

Who else has crates of paperbacks you re-read over and over, and can't bear
to get rid of?

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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> I've read the Hobbit and LoTR so many times I can't remember. I have
> destroyed a couple copies of the books through over use.
> I loved it.

I read LoTR 11 times in three years. Both in French and English.
I used to know it by heart, literally.

Now http://theonering.net is the brainchild of my almost-neighbour (he's 5
minutes away by car), while I play with http://theforce.net . We met on the
net, can you believe that? It was weird .. :)

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