[thechat] Can you survive on Linux alone?

Chris Evans chris at fuseware.com
Mon Jun 4 20:18:07 CDT 2001

I have the work laptop (win2k), and an old Pentium 166 running win98 for
burning CD's and running my X10 network.  I also have a Pentium 200 RedHat
server, and am getting ready to format a Pentium 266 laptop to use for a
RedHat desktop.  I still use my Win2k laptop for most things, but hopefully,
the new Linux laptop will overtake it.

I have to install MrHouse on the Linux server, and figure out a good app for
burning CD's.  Then I'll have three Linux boxen, and the day-to-day Win2k
laptop.  Unfortunately, all my boxen are too slow to run VMWare
realistically.  <sigh>

There is lots of learning involved in Linux, though. One tip ( and this may
one day make it as a tip on thelist) - when installing and using Linux -
WRITE IT DOWN!  Setting up your network card?  WRITE IT DOWN!  A couple of
days later, you'll forget how you did it and it'll take you a while to
figure out how to do it again.  Modifying your start up settings in
/etc/init/rc.d to enable Samba?  WRITE IT DOWN!  It'll take you longer to
figure out how to do it the second time.  A Linux Log ( I prefer a
composition notebook of graph paper, like I needed for high-school chemistry
class) is essential, and will save hours of time.

I know this because I keep forgetting to do it, and now I have big pieces of
paper on my Linux boxen that read - you guessed it - WRITE IT DOWN.

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

PS - apparently, a couple of Long Island Iced Tea's make me a bit verbose.

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