[thechat] LotR

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 4 21:18:32 CDT 2001

> Robert Jordan - Eye of the World.  Only if you have a lot of time on your
> hands.  Great books, but just finished book 9 out of
> God-knows-how-many and
> each is 700 pgs.  Good, though.

i was given the first when it came out. thought it was decent enough.
continued to read the others as they came out, up until about the 6th book
(or maybe more).

just got sick of jordan taking so long to describe even the most minute
detail. will that story never end? is he scared of trying to describe the
ultimate end-battle? obviously each has to out-do the other, and the final
final final fight has to be suitably hardcore.. and some of the characters
are unbelievably stupid (from memory) and frustrating.


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