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Mon Jun 4 21:56:38 CDT 2001

--- Chris Evans <chris at fuseware.com> wrote:
> A couple of my favorites not yet mentioned:
> Any of the series by Barbara Hambly - start with the
> "Silent Tower", "Ladies
> of Mandrygyn", or "Time of the Dark" to start three
> great trilogies ( or
> quadrilogies?)
Gonna look those up soon!

> Robert Jordan - Eye of the World.  Only if you have
> a lot of time on your
> hands.  Great books, but just finished book 9 out of
> God-knows-how-many and
> each is 700 pgs.  Good, though.
Expected to end with volume 12. Really gives you time
to get familiar with the characters. But I love 'em.

> Raymond Feist - Silverthorn saga.  Starts with
> Magician:APprentice.  Good stuff.
+1 on anything by Feist. There is a parallel trilogy
to the Riftwar Saga, first volume is "Daughter of
Empire", takes place on whatever world the bad guys
in Riftwar came from. A bit grittier than Riftwar.

> I'm glad someone mentioned Thomas Covenenat.  Read
> the entire series when I was 16 - hated Thomas,
loved > the series.  Probably the most hated
> protaganist I've ever read. 

Thomas Covenant != protagonist;
Thomas Covenant == antagonist;

> Probably about time for a re-read to see how
> much my tastes have changed as my life has changed. 
> I've got a 12 hour car
> trip to Hilton Head, South carolina for a 10 day
> vacation on Friday.

You might want to look into Mordant's Need, a very
good, mmm, duology. Two thick volumes, but very good.

How about Guy Gavriel Kay? I was blown away by the
Fionavar Tapestry and enjoyed Tigana. Haven't read
any of the newer stuff. Also, I've been reading
Terry Goodkind lately. Sword of Truth series. A
character named Denna is one of the most memorable
people I've ever met. Oooh! How about Tad Williams?
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy. Way good. 

Erm, well, I guess it's out of the bag now, I'm 
kinda into Fantasy. Yep, I am. So shoot me! heh heh.


No Roswell on tonight, so what else am I to do, eh?

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