[thechat] Car Buffs ..

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Tue Jun 5 16:13:17 CDT 2001

Hi Tamara,

And, we're sorta thinking about replacing the Ranger . . .

I haven't seen too many lately, but there IS a 'crewcab' Ranger.  [Ford
started 'test marketing' it in Mexico a while back. I dunno, I thought it
was gonna be a big hit.]

Toyota also makes a 'crewcab' Tacoma ... although I think my GF prefers the
standard cab ... with the BIG tires!   ;-)   {We went looking recently,


(Who was thinking about replacing his F-150 stepside extended cab with a
3.2TL ... but decided gas prices weren't quite bad enough to justify the
expense yet. Hey! It couldn't be as weird as replacing my Saab 9000S with
the F-150, could it?)

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