[thechat] Car Buffs ..

Tamara Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Tue Jun 5 16:23:57 CDT 2001

I'm getting too used to the husband's company car, so I'm thinking a real 
cab would be nice.

>I haven't seen too many lately, but there IS a 'crewcab' Ranger.  [Ford
>started 'test marketing' it in Mexico a while back. I dunno, I thought it
>was gonna be a big hit.]
>Toyota also makes a 'crewcab' Tacoma ... although I think my GF prefers the
>standard cab ... with the BIG tires!   ;-)   {We went looking recently,

Oh yeah, Toyota gets real high marks from my brother the mechanic (just 
don't get the 6-cylinder automatic yet, he says they still haven't quite 
figured that one out yet).

Has she taken a ride in the standard cab? Where does she put the purse, 
umbrella and cooler for those longer trips?? Or, maybe that's just the 
Ranger where two people is too much at times.

>(Who was thinking about replacing his F-150 stepside extended cab with a
>3.2TL ... but decided gas prices weren't quite bad enough to justify the
>expense yet. Hey! It couldn't be as weird as replacing my Saab 9000S with
>the F-150, could it?)

Well, my DINKy brother-in-law has one of those, parks it next to the Land 
Rover -- you just never know how the road to the grocery store will be when 
you live in SoCalifornia I guess.

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