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Schaz schaz at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jun 6 02:42:48 CDT 2001

At 02:57 AM 06/06/01, you wrote:

>--- Schaz <schaz at ozemail.com.au> wrote:
> > At 06:45 AM 05/06/01, you wrote:
> > >Quackamoe wrote:
> > > > PS - anybody up for a thread about the upcoming
> > > > movie version of LotR?
> >
> > from what I've seen of it (I've seen about 50 mins
> > of rushes) it looks good
>How on earth do you manage that? Not doubting your
>story, just envy envy envy. I've yet to see the
>theatrical trailer!

one of my cousins worked on both it and HP - of course knowing my luck none 
of what I saw (which was strange considering some of it was still on a blue 
screen) will make it into the movie.

> > - the rushes I'm hanging out for are Harry Potter
> > but I've got about as
> > much chance of seeing those as I have of being
> > richer than bill gates
> >
>Saw an online teaser a while back and it really
>looked good too.

yeh I know - my cuz worked on it also and he won't tell me anything - I've 
had him pinned to a chair with the first book going "is this in it???" "how 
was this done?" - he wouldn't say!!!!!!!!!!!!

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