[thechat] evolt.org downtime tonite..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Jun 6 10:34:58 CDT 2001

Hi everyone - 

Just wanted to give you a heads up that between 6pm and 7pm CST tonight,
all evolt.org sites except www.evolt.org will be down. This includes
browsers.evolt.org, lists.evolt.org, members.evolt.org,
directory.evolt.org, and all lists.evolt.org mailing lists.

Last night the server that hosts all those sites blew a power supply(we
had dual power supplies luckily), a couple disks(we use RAID5
thankfully), and all but a fraction of the memory on that machine. No
services were affected and due to its redundant nature, and we were able
to avoid any immediate downtime.. Last night I picked up replacement
parts for a new server, put em together and will move the old servers
data to that machine tonight, but it will take up to an hour or so..

I'd quickly like to point out that I was able to get replacement parts
so fast because of the donations that many of you have made to evolt.org
in terms of cash and spare parts.. Getting cash together as quickly as I
was able to without your generous donations would have required the
entire admin group to start selling plasma and spare kidneys. Speaking
for the entire admin group, thanks from the bottom of our collective,
still intact, hearts. :)

If you're interested in insuring the continued well being of the admin
team and the evolt.org services you've come to know, love and depend on,
consider making a donation to our paypal.com fund(djc at members.evolt.org
is the account) or contacting myself or any other admin(
http://evolt.org/who_runs_evolt ) offlist with questions or inquiries.

I'll be sending out an email to all lists when everything is back up and
running sometime around 7pm CST. Feel free to contact me if you have any
questions or concerns( djc at members.evolt.org )

Thanks for your patience!! 

<tip type="redundancy">
If you build your own servers, break down and spend an extra $50 to get
a case with dual power supplies. It will save you in blood pressure
medication in the long run. ;)

djc at members.evolt.org

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