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Bob Davis bobd at
Wed Jun 6 10:48:46 CDT 2001

On Wednesday, June 6, 2001, at 11:39 AM, Scott Dexter wrote:

> I got the topper:
> Honda has a little car that's half electric-half gas (the Insight
>; there 
> were
> tv ads for it a while ago. I've actually seen one or two on the road 
> here.

A friend of mine is thinking about buying one of those. I'm trying to 
get him to buy a diesel VW. Great mileage, not full of batteries, and 
engine life to be envied. And...they're fast!

> The other day, I watched a guy pull up next to me in one, and he was, 
> um,
> smoking a cigarette.


Hey - he's doing his part. He's made a decision about how he wants to 
live his life, and is making sure that his needs/wants/etc. don't have 
an impact on you or those we're borrowing the earth from.


(and the Ford Expedition - whatever that huge, 10mpg thing is - that I 
was following up the highway one day at 100 was better. I didn't know it 
would go that fast. He was probably pushing about 6mpg with that speed.)

bob davis
bobd at

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