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Bob Davis bobd at
Wed Jun 6 11:24:21 CDT 2001

On Wednesday, June 6, 2001, at 12:05 PM, Scott Dexter wrote:

>> A friend of mine is thinking about buying one of those. I'm trying to
>> get him to buy a diesel VW. Great mileage, not full of batteries, and
>> engine life to be envied. And...they're fast!
> 68 (!) mpg with the Insight. I might hunt for a Car&Driver review er
> something. But yeah, diesel. Didya know the big rigs (18 wheelers) don't
> really break in until the 10 *million* mile mark? Nutty, I tell you...

I saw something about one of the hybrid cars where they were saying it 
really got about 40 or so in city driving. Same as the direct injection 
VW turbo diesel.
Note - our diesel fuel here is junk compared to the stuff they pump in 
Europe, so we can't even get the good diesel engines here. VW makes some 
amazing stuff (they have a monster 10cyl turbo diesel that makes 
something like 500 HP - don't know if it's din or sae though).

bob davis
bobd at

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