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Wed Jun 6 14:04:31 CDT 2001

On Wednesday, June 6, 2001, at 02:51 PM, Luther, Ron wrote:

> Pressure?  Diesels don't have "glow plugs" anymore?  ... Gosh! ... I 
> must be
> old!

They only use them when the engine's cold and the reaction needs a 
little kick start.

Herr Dr. Diesel was a pretty clever man.

> There are a couple of parameters to be aware of here like "flash point" 
> and
> ... shoot - I forgot what it's called - but it's a region of 
> flammability
> determined by the air/fuel mixture ... any fuel is only flammable 
> within a
> certain range ... too low/lean a mixture OR too high/rich a mixture and 
> it
> won't ignite.

Right - and that's why diesel won't ignite if you drop a match into it.  
No air (O2) for the reaction. It's kind of like that dude who lights 
charcoal grills with LOX - he specifically warn people not to add the 
LOX before the flame. One charcoal chunk that's saturated with LOX has 
roughly the explosive force of a stick of dynamite. Sure fire way to 
ruin those kabobs...

I had a friend who worked for SAE (the Society of Automotive Engineers - 
like SAE 10w-40). He was the master of dangerous backyard experiments. 
The kind of guy who would drop a match into a bucket of kerosene. I 
learned this stuff from him.

He had a great trick that involved a 9 volt battery, the coil from an 
old American car, a bit of wire, a puddle and a urinal...but I'm getting 
OT even for here... ;)


bob davis
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