[thechat] miscellany

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Jun 7 19:43:45 CDT 2001

hola thechat

i am not subscribed but i do peek into thechatarchive occasionally

joe crawford pointed out the domain string checker thing, and, like he did,
i immediately went ego surfing and came up with this (no, it's not mine) --
no site, which is a shame, but nice to know somebody paid for the domain

also, i noticed you had a science fiction thread going

please allow me to recommend some hard science fiction that i found
particularly good (i'm not going to mention the ones i bought and started
but couldn't finish, like sewer gas and electric) --

thunder rift ***
  matthew farrell

the silk code ****
  paul levinson

deepdrive *****
  alexander jablokov

river of dust ****
  alexander jablokov

vigilant ***
  james alan gardner

the engines of god ****
  jack mcdevitt

chaga ****
  ian mcdonald

the moreau factor ***
  jack l chalker

magazine beach *****
  lewis gannett

saturn's race *****
  larry niven and steven barnes

that last one i finished in one day when the power in my house was off and
i had no computer or television...


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