[thechat] Next Mozilla milestone released today

Chris Johnston chris at completeimaging.com
Fri Jun 8 12:46:09 CDT 2001

I think that was the problem. I started up Netscape 6.1 and the theme on
it had changed as well, I reset it back to modern and was able to start
Mozilla again. I am not quite sure I like the integration between
Netscape 6 and Mozilla, I wish that they used different directories to
store some of their components in.

Interesting new look though. I am not sure if I like it. I was just
getting use to the Netscape look. But I guess Mozilla wants their
browser to be different then Netscape's.


> -----Original Message-----
> It didn't crash for me. I did notice, however, that it keeps 
> the list of 
> old themes from Netscape 6. These themes don't work for me, 
> but didn't 
> crash the browser when I tried to use them. The download site for new 
> themes seems to be down right now. Too much traffic perhaps.
> The default themes are "Classic" and "Modern". Don't try to use any 
> others until you can download new ones.
> -Bruce

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