[thechat] Next Mozilla milestone released today

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Fri Jun 8 23:29:08 CDT 2001

Joe Crawford wrote:

>I haven't loaded a mozilla build in about 4 months onto our lil' iBook --
>and thought I'd give it a spin. Damn impressive. Pages load fast, doesn't
>feel sluggish. I wish it gave better feedback when you go to get a URL --
>sometimes it seemed like when I would pull a url, the progress bar would go,
>but the cursor wouldn't change, and just as I would go to try and stop and
>reload there the page would be. Not sure what that's about.
I haven't noticed that behavior, but yeah, more feedback would be nice.

>Anyway - I'm looking forward to 1.0 like crazy!
I think this is the best build so far.

I've been playing with the mail program some also. I think I like it a 
lot, but I can't find a way to view all the headers and that bothers me. 
Anyone figure that out yet? Now as I'm writing this, there is some sort 
of problem with the mail program redrawing the page when I scroll. Guess 
it's got a few more bugs, but it's really very good overall.

BTW, is this web talk or not? Email isn't the web, strictly speaking, so 
I wasn't sure if I should post this to thelist or not. Well, here's a 
tip just in case.

<tip type="chicken recipe" author="Bruce Heerssen">
Beer Chicken

1 whole chicken
1 case canned lager beer - preferably a cheap beer like schlitz
1 "old smokey" style barbeque pit (http://www.oldsmokey.com/a0202.html)
1 cup barbeque sauce, if desired

Start drinking beer, then light the charcoal. Drink more beer while you 
wait on the fire - this is important. Get the chicken and hold it 
upright, so the cavity is at the bottom, then gently slide a half-full 
beer into the cavity. Be careful not to spill it, as you're probably 
getting drunk by this time. Carefully place the chicken, with the beer 
inside, upright on the grill and cover. Let cook for 1-3 hours depending 
on the how hot the fire is. Brush with your favorite barbeque sauce, if 
desired, about 15 before it's ready.

As the chicken cooks, the beer boils and suffuses the entire chicken. 
Done correctly, this will be the most tender chicken you've ever eaten. 
Obviously you could do this with just water or chicken broth, but beer 
is much more fun and flavorful. For extra flavor, try sprinkling wet 
hickory or mesquite chips over the fire while cooking.


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