[thechat] Junkyard Wars Fucking Rocks.

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Mon Jun 18 10:57:19 CDT 2001

> The Beeb have been under massive pressure to commercialise everything
> except the core broadcast capability for some years - selling the
> stuff helps them fight off privatisation.

if that's the case then they are just sitting on the biggest gold mine
of content I can think of. What's with that? 
I did drop into the Beeb Shop when I was living in london, trying to get
hold of something or other (actually I think it was Bronowski's Ascent
of Man), to be told that these series were only available by special
order, to educational establishments. I was flush at the time and happy
to pay a premium, but no go. 
Talking to the clerk there one of the issues was apparently to do with
the way the actors and other contributors get paid. Their original
contracts didn't allow redistrubution in other media, in other countries
etc. (which makes some sense..)

But I'd also love to get hold of copies of some of the kids (/grownup)
stuff.. like Henry's Cat, and Danger Mouse.. In an ideal world it seems
like they ought to be able to set up a service like some of the CD-Now
type companies where they will burn you a DVD to order (and for a
price)... of your favourite shows - stuff that doesn't air anymore and
is just sitting on their shelves. 
Imagine being able to just browse through all that stuff. All the
educational programs that air at 5 in the morning... mmm.


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