[thechat] Milwaukee Beervolt this Wednesday!

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Jun 18 11:03:24 CDT 2001

Hola -

This Wednesday at the Milwaukee Ale House on Water @ 6pm. Outside on the 
lower deck again if its nice out, inside at one of the Big Ass 
Tables(tm) in the bar area if its raining.

We had about 8 people show up last time, and it was a blast! Hope to see 
you all there, plus any new faces :)

<tip type="paranoid unix admin">

Whenever I'm going to be replacing a directory tree with an entirely new 
one from a tar file(for example), I always like to make a quick backup 
of what I'm about to delete just in case. So when I'm wiping out the 
contents of my public_html directory, I do a quick cp -a public_html/ 

that copies everything into a hidden directory just in case I need to 
bring it back up quickly without adding clutter to your directory tree..



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