[thechat] Am I a late bloomer, or on time?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Jun 18 12:10:54 CDT 2001

>I think it takes until the brink of the 30s for a man to be truly 
>ready for the world.

Cool, Scott, but optimistic.  I always thought it took until about 
the age of 70 for men to grow up...

>At 18, 21, 25, men do feel as though they have the world by its tail.

I was the same way, and I'm a woman.

>All this is hitting me sideways, all at once.

Dude, I know the feeling.

>But in a good way. I think women get it all figured out earlier.

Our biological clock is set differently.  But a lot of women in their 
20's are blissful miserable idiots.  Speaking for myself...

>This is the right temperature to serve a man, 30; the
>right age to open him up and let breathe. I'm standing on the cliff, and
>instead of being afraid to look down, I'm looking across and calculating my
>jump. I'm ready to go.

Dude, you are so beat.

I wasn't prepared for my 30 year old major reflection thingie... it 
came on slowly... then really hit recently at a party with a bunch of 
20 year olds and they're all talking to me like I'm this old lady... 
I'm 33.

I'm like, give me a break.

I made crazy decisions in my 20's for which I still face consequences 
and will forever.  I lost the love of my life because I was stupid (& 
self-destructive).  I thought I had all the time in the world.  I 
took so much for granted.

I'm  still having difficulties & asking did I choose the right path 
or what should I have done differently or am I really "old"?

I started playing guitar again for the first time since high school. 
I found it so much easier to learn now, than then.  I'm looser now. 
I am less afraid... and I have enough pain that I can really put 
something into the music.

I'll never have what I thought I wanted in life... maybe I'll have 
something more interesting.

But anyway, I agree with what you are saying.


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