[thechat] Am I a late bloomer, or on time?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon Jun 18 13:21:21 CDT 2001

Hi Erika,

+1 on the guitar!!

I was entirely too anal when I was younger ... if my playing wasn't
"perfect" I'd just get frustrated and put the dang things away.

Now being a really old dude ... 43 ... I keep a couple guitars sitting out
around the house and can grab one, play a bit, and unwind --- it's actually
kind of fun adding my own sound track to the news or whatever other drivel
happens to be on the tube!

[I'm still not any good - but I sure do enjoy it a LOT more now!]


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From: Erika Meyer [mailto:emeyer at lclark.edu]
I started playing guitar again for the first time since high school. 
I found it so much easier to learn now, than then.  I'm looser now. 
I am less afraid... and I have enough pain that I can really put 
something into the music.

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