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>"Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca> said:


>| You never will. Look at the beating Carleton took from Macleans for
>| being accessible...
>I don't remember this... sorry.  Recent?  or .. ?

1991, I think. One magazine article [branding Carleton one of the 
worst Universities in Canada, primarily because their accessible 
admission policy did not get on well with Maclean's ranking criteria, 
to put it mildly...] changed the whole ethos of a University. Scary.

They went from being somewhat accessible, willing to give kids who 
hadn't done spectacularly well in school a chance [and a chance was 
all they got, a *lot* of them got kicked out within a year] to 
designing an admission policy tailored to exclude marginal students 
and show off their 'rigorous' admission policies, all to save the 
University's reputation. Many people don't believe that you can have 
academic standards and accessibility, facts be damned.

>Are you in TO ?  Couldn't tell from your website ..

Haven't been to TO for years, and to my great surprise people are 
complaining about it... :-)
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