[thechat] my iMac frightens me...

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Mon Jun 18 14:57:27 CDT 2001

Hi Erika,
If you mean that it blinks and never even gets black before it re-powers I
have some Apple Studio 17's that perform a similar feat. It's never amounted
to anything bad beyond the initial shock whenever it happens. I was hoping
maybe it was a built-in reset or something else that was
self-maintenance-like. Both of them are still beautiful despite (or because
of) that quirk.


> From: Erika Meyer <emeyer at lclark.edu>
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> Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:37:57 -0700
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> Subject: [thechat] my iMac frightens me...
> My strawberry iMac... love it to death.  Had it for over 2 years now.
> It's done well by  me.
> It started subtle... at the highest resolution, the monitor would do
> funny things... seem irregular.... subtle waviness...
> Now something just started... while I work, regardless of the
> resolution... the screen blips off for a sec... then back on... the
> monitor... computer itself not affected...  I am afraid.  I am afraid
> it will blip off, never to return.
> Anyone more plugged in than I recognize this behavior? I have never
> experienced it with any computer prior to this.
> Anyone know what is in store for me and how much it will cost?
> help?
> Erika
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