[thechat] Am I a late bloomer, or on time?

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Mon Jun 18 15:09:32 CDT 2001

late 20s have been a bit of a watershed for me too. 
Younger than that and I couldn't really take anything seriously, at
I was practising for when I grew up. 
Somewhere in there (in the last couple of years) I must have done that
(relatively speaking and all those other disclaimers :) as I find it
much easier to make decisions, commit, embrace the day etc etc. 

If i had been teetering at the cliff edge, i think I jumped. The fall
has been all good so far (the ground doesn't exist in this metaphor :)

On the down side I miss the luxury of being irresponsible, when the only
person you could hurt was yourself, and the worst that would happen is
that you'd wake up with a headache, have to tighten your belt and sign
on for a while, or something like.  It's different now. (cos now I
realize that this was never really true and your parents never stop
worrying about you just because I left home and graduated...The
double-edge sword of parenthood - bringing guilt and responsibilty in
one swoop :)

loving it i am

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