[thechat] Need Linux Guru - Dual Boot Prob with Mandrake

Chris Johnston chris at completeimaging.com
Tue Jun 19 09:35:58 CDT 2001

Okay, here's the deal. 

I just installed Linux-Mandrake 8.0 onto my computer. I have two hard
drives, one 20gig drive that now contains Mandrake and one 45gig drive
that is partitioned three times. The first partition contains win2000 -
ntfs5, the second partition is for storage - ntfs5, and the third
partition is windows 98 - fat32. Listed below is a full rundown on the
specs of my machine.

AMD Thunderbird CPU
Abit KT7-Raid Motherboard
1 - 20gig IBM HD on the 66 controller
	- 1 partition running Linux-Mandrake 8
1 - 45gig IBM HD on Ultra 100 controller
	- 3 partitions
		1 - windows 2000 - NTFS5
		2 - storage - NTFS5
		3 - windows 98 - FAT32
Nvidia Geforce II GTS Video card
HP 8200i CD-RW
Toshiba DVD Drive
Ide Zip drive
Two NIC cards

Anyway, enough of hardware specs. Here is the problem, I finally got a
base install of Mandrake running using KDE as the desktop (very cool)
but I have lost my windows partitions. I am using the GRUB bootloader
and can't seem to get windows 2000 (very important) or windows 98 (less
important) to load. It keeps saying something like none recognized
partition or something.

Anyone have any experience with GRUB or LILO or anything like this?

Another problem is that Mandrake doesn't seem to want to recognize the
via chipset. Is there a patch or something that can be downloaded to
correct this?

That is enough questions for the time being I think, thanks in advance
for your help,


Web Developer

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