[thechat] Didn't we already have a cold war?

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Tue Jun 19 16:15:58 CDT 2001

My point is that the issues are much more complex than we can express in a
few lines of email or read in a newpaper article or two.  Sure it's fun to
flame those in power and talk about choosing weapons over healthcare or
education.  But without an adequate defense the rest is meaningless.  As to
what is an adequate defense, I am unqualified to say, as I am sure most of
us on this list are.  What I can do in a representative system of government
is to let those elected know my views and to vote for those most likely to
promote a balanced perspective.


> Is this better or worse than bombing people in *case* you're in trouble
> at home? Or to show that you're a 'strong' president? Or because Daddy
> said so?
> M

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