[thechat] DJC Any news?

Elfur Logadottir elfur at members.evolt.org
Sat Jun 23 20:33:01 CDT 2001

From: "Kevin Stevens" <kjs at ratking.co.uk>

| You posted a message up a couple of days ago saying that your servers
| corrupted by someone trying to run bad scripts. Have you had any luck
| finding the culprit and is it all sorted now?

Hi Kevin,

as Ron said earlier Dan is in Toronto meeting up with fellow evoltians.
However I have some info on the matter, so here you go:

The data on one of our servers was deleted, but has since been restored,
and is now up and running again. Possibly someone lost some data from their
member area, but that would be very limited since the backup used to
restore data was very recent.

The culprit as you call him, is known, was reported and is being handled by
the relevant authorities.

The hole this culprit managed to use has been closed, but sadly, this will
probably lead to some changes in the terms of service document for members

Most of all this has hurt our feelings.

for more info, there's an article on the site

an evolt admin

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