[thechat] Sigh - work sucks - rant

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Jul 9 10:40:06 CDT 2001

Chris Evans wrote:

> (well suited for a weblog- any good CF 'blog code out there?  Maybe I should
> write some...)

i've got some decent code that you could use to start if you'd like 
chris.. it runs my little blog(which is down ATM cus of mysql probs) 
pretty good and mantruc's one too.. the code is really modular and easy 
to switch pretty much anything. lemme know if you wanna have a  look or 
just something to build off..

> I'm burning out at work. I never thought web stuff would get to be a grind -


just wonderin, but do you have anyone else that you associate with that 
*does* have the same POV that you do? do you have anyone that you vent 
to, in person? i used to be in the same situation, although not nearly 
as big or successful, and untill i started talking to someone who 
understood just what exactly a RAID controller puking did to my life, 
things only got worse.

i just think the socializing thing helps out a lot.. it doesn't fix the 
larger issues - and honestly i dont know what can - but it does grease 
them up a bit :)

> But I'm tired.  Spiritually exhausted.  I'm tired of fighting the same

do you have the option for like *extended* vacations? I took off 2 weeks 
last summer and moved to northern minnesota to fish, drink, and read - 
in that order. *nothing* helped out my spirituality like that did. leave 
the cell, beeper, computers etc behind and get as far away from a t-1 
line as you can :) thats just my advice though.. YMMV

> But tonight, I'll work on some better code for FuseNews.  Just in case.  And
> drink some beer.  And sigh.

so whats the deal with fuseware? is that successfull enough on its own 
to support you 'just in case'?


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