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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Jul 11 07:50:08 CDT 2001

Given the sarcastic slant of the rest of their writing, I just wanted to
make sure this was really supposed to be a "best" list!   ;-)

You can check their source directly by downloading the UN document itself
here (takes forever!) ... or you can just go straight to the HDI index --
(third link up from the bottom left-hand corner of the screen [as you're
facing the screen for those of us not fortunate enough to be living in
Norway or Oz])

The composite index is supposed to be based on life expectancy, educational
enrolment, adult literacy, and income per person.

Canada (leader for the last six years) dropped from first to third, and the
US dropped from third to sixth on the basis of new life expectancy and
educational enrolment figures.  

I didn't look real close ... but I didn't see any mention of acid rain or US
television as contributing factors.  

So Norway's the best place in the world to be 'average', eh? ... Oh well ...
who the hell wants to be "average"?

(Who's still waiting for something like the [defunct?] Motorola 'Iridium'
project to spark global telecommuting and screw these nice statistics all to
heck... but he's evil like that.)

(Who's waiting for 'Dubya' to drag the US rating further down the tubes?!)

(Who's waiting for Godot ... no ... wait ... that would be a literate
reference ... strike that... I meant waiting for the next 'reality' show to
come up on the tube ... pass the chips!)

Isaac Forman wrote:

>from an article on the register:
>Best place to live in the world:
>1. Norway 
>2. Australia 
>3. Canada 
>4. Sweden 
>5. Belgium 

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