[thechat] let's all be careful at the prom...

Schaz schaz at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jul 11 22:26:03 CDT 2001

At 07:40 AM 12/07/01, you wrote:
>Erika Meyer wrote on 11/7/01 10:39 pm
> >what a cutie.  he can take me to the prom anytime.
> >...next time maybe he'll bring a broad sword.
> >
> >Erika
> >"...you call that a knife?"
>hehe - the funny thing is that most sgian dubh
>aren't even real metal bladed.

try telling a policeman that an athame maybe a double bladed knife but the 
cutting edges are dulled

>Now a dirk, on the other hand...

I'm off to play with swords (well tomorrow I am) with the medieval society 
at the uni.


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