[thechat] snail mail

Joxn joxn at vernum.com
Fri Jul 13 05:37:43 CDT 2001

Argh, as you might know, I'm going to Australia on 22nd August for six 
months. Well, everything turned out fine until I found out that the 
sweet German post lost all my documents and my application for the visa. 
Nice... :(

Of course, they didn't tell me that they lost my documents, they just 
don't know where they are at the moment...

My passport, medical examinations, nomination, certification from my 
university, scholarship and every fucking piece of paper that I was 
collecting during the last months simply vanished.

Well, time flies by and I need to get the replacements as soon as possible.

I always thought that the German post is quite reliable. They promise 
that a letter arrives in every other place within Germany on the next 
day and you can trust this promise.

I've experienced that email gets lost from time to time - though, this 
hardly happens anymore - but four years ago, I simply resend an email 
when I didn't get a reply after two weeks or so.

But snail mail? No, I *used* to trust them.


Puh, I hope that they will find my things someplace...

bye Joxn
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