[thechat] Wedding site

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Fri Jul 13 15:42:03 CDT 2001

> http://www.marriagemadeinvegas.co.uk/day5.htm -- must have a broken table.
> http://www.marriagemadeinvegas.co.uk/day11.htm -- blank again, but the
> background is very nice what with the theme and all.

Just tried these myself and they worked fine, you are not the first person
to say this and I have no idea why the pages break. These ones are just
static HTML so there should be no problem.

> Tried to leave a message in your guest book - but I don't think it liked
> '   in Y'all!

This is curious, any ideas why that should happen? It's an Access db coded
with ASP


kjs at ratking.co.uk

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