[thechat] What about the economy?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Jul 23 09:11:32 CDT 2001

not to start a holy war here :)

buttt.... they are dressed like that to deal with the tear gas, the more 
extreme of them wear home made body armor to protect against rubber bullets.

and ya he was throwing a fire extinguisher at a police vehicle. a fully 
armored, bullet proof, loaded with thugs carrying fully automatic 
weapons police vehicle. did they shoot him cus the extinguisher put a 
dent in their little assault vehicle?

i saw a picture of the scene(which they aren't showing on american TV 
i've noticed..) and the cop has a handgun pointed at the guys head, and 
the guy has the extinguisher still in his hand..

and doesn't it seem a little extreme to use deadly force(then run him 
over a couple times just for good measure!!) on a guy who's going to 
hurl an extinguisher at your vehicle?

ya, some of them are wack, but being lunatics doesn't mean you deserve 
to be killed.. i mean, no one has bothered to ask why the hell all these 
people are protesting in the first place..


Ron White wrote:

> He got shot after throwing a fire extinguisher at a police vehicle. I say
> its his own damn fault, as well as the rest of those friggin lunatics. They
> were dressed and looking for trouble in the pictures I've seen...
> Thanks,
> Ron White
> <snip>
> didn't a guy get shot after cornering a policeman?
> i think that "violence at the g-8 summit" is fairly accurate...
> </snip>

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