[thechat] What about the economy?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Jul 23 18:16:12 CDT 2001

Charlie wrote:

>boy, ain't that always the way...
>remember, Notting Hill back in the nineties, Brixton, the Mardi Gras 
>demonstration a few weeks ago here in Austin Tx where I live.

What happened in Austin?

Hey, I kind of fell in love with that town when i was there last spring.

>While most of the time your local cops are generally protecting the community,
>in instances like this the police are the protectors of status quo. 
>Any demonstration against the status quo is generally viewed as an 
>attack by the powers that be and responded to with disproportionate 

I come from the timber wars in Northern California.
The police (and particularly the sheriff's office) protect the industry.

Humboldt County sheriff's office were the ones swabbing non-violent 
protesters eyes with cotton swabs soaked in pepper spray.



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