[thechat] Hanging Song (was More baby photos..)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Aug 1 07:34:11 CDT 2001

Hi Seth,

Google sez it be from one a them thar Ren & Stimpy songs:

Full lyrics extracted:

OOOOhhh, Lord loves a hangin', that's why he give us necks
It tightens up our vocal chords, and loosens up our pecs.
So if you are a horse thief and guilty to the bone,
Go ahead and blame a friend and you won't hang alone!

It may be hard to swaller, but you'll be three feet taller,
And find new ways to entertain your friends.
You say you are a villian, but can't abide by killin',
Go ahead and steal yourself a horse.

Two three eleven R five seven [take it, boys].
I'm a pickin' and I'm a swingin'!
I'm ignorant, and I'm ugly!
That you are, boys.

OOOOhhh, The Lord loves a hangin', and so do we by heck!
So get yourself a lasso and decorate your neck!
Oh we is awful ignorant and uglier than sin,
so go ahead and cut us down... And hang us all again!

Hangin', that is. Swing a spell.



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"The Lord loves a hangin', that's why he gave us necks."  -Unknown

PS: Anyone know who said the above?  I'd love to tie a source to it. 

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