[thechat] Evolt Discount - was(Watch for me on the news tonig ht!)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Aug 1 07:53:28 CDT 2001

Hi Martin,

I dunno, I think there are plenty of good business reasons for an evolt

1) It lowers our expenses.  A benefit that flows straight through to the
bottom line thereby increasing our shareholder [aka family/self]
satisfaction, improving our localized 'debt rating' in the eyes of our
creditors, and providing additional impetus and stimulation to the world

2) It provides us with a cheaper source of gifts for those truely
'hard-to-buy-for' relations and/or existing/potential customers who need to
be buttered up.

3) It provides a valuable humanitarian service - a source to fortify us
against the minor, mundane, and mischievous annoyances of life ... thereby
keeping us from strangling idiot clients/sysops/[- your current favorite
here -] and promulgating reduced global violence and crime.

4) The "empties" make lovely candlesticks and craft items for those truely
'hard-to-buy-for' relations and/or existing/potential customers that you
don't give a damn about buttering up.

Oh! ... But I suppose this isn't about "us" at all!!




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We're not talking cheap stuff here - maybe UKP60 a bottle. You'd need
one hell of a lot of networking within the target audience to justify that.

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