[thechat] Check out this site!

Dave McLean thechat at dwcreative.com
Wed Aug 1 20:08:31 CDT 2001

On 8/1/01 15:28, damclean at home.com wrote:
> You have got to check this site out!

> Check it out at: http://www.HumanForSale.com

Ooops.  I thought it was going to tell you my value.  Sorry for the repeat.

"You are worth exactly: $2,187,358.00.

We hope you can find somebody who is wealthy enough to afford you."

'Cept the thing is, I don't know my exact IQ so I used their rough guide.
And I've never taken an SAT... but everything else was by the book true.


What's dumber, expecting educators to be entertaining, or expecting
entertainment to be educational?

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