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Dave McLean thechat at dwcreative.com
Wed Aug 1 23:41:06 CDT 2001

On 8/1/01 20:53, Warden, Matt wrote:

>> 'Cept the thing is, I don't know my exact IQ so I used their rough guide.
>> And I've never taken an SAT... but everything else was by the book true.
> Well, i know you pretty well, and i can say you'd get around a 1870 on the
> SAT. Put that in.

If I knew what an SAT score even remotely looked like I might catch the
joke... but....


"Space is one big pinball machine, in which any wildly racing orb could
 make Earth go TILT -- or worse."

             Adam Rogers and Sharon Begley, on the reality of meteors

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