[thechat] (great spam) FW: Urgent Assistance

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Thu Aug 2 10:34:39 CDT 2001

yeah a former employer got one of these and considered it before a few
of us talked some sense into him. I love they way they play on all the
weaknesses of the small businessman, stereotypes of african nations and
dealings,  and make it clear up front that this is not legit money (and
so you have no legal recourse). 

Sucker the suckers. Were it not for the perpetuation of these negative
stereotypes I'd say good luck to them.


spinhead wrote:
> i can't tell you how many of these i've seen in various forms of snail mail.
> always on very impressive parchment, seals and all. all they want is a
> couple thousand of your US$ as a show of good faith or to cover this or that
> cost. except for the fact that they sound like a poorly written episode of
> 'gilligan's island' they're pretty convincing

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