[thechat] What's in the wall ...

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Aug 8 07:16:41 CDT 2001

Well, the critter is still in the wall.  I'm pretty sure it's a mouse.  It
definitely is attracted to the flashlight.  DannyTheCat has been up all
night, pacing back and forth, sticking is head and paws into the cable
outlet.  He managed to get a nail caught .. now that was fun trying to get
him unstuck while he's squirming around.  ;)  He's attempted to jump onto
the wall, that has nothing on it .. flying acrobatic kitty cat.  Weird!!

I've just turned the a/c back on .. its over 30 here already ... and the
critter is on the move again.  I'm going downstairs shortly to talk to the
building managers and see what they say.

I'm getting sleepy.


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