[thechat] Sun, Linux offer help in MS-kids PC flap

Dave McLean thechat at dwcreative.com
Sat Aug 11 00:28:09 CDT 2001

On 8/9/01 20:11, isaac wrote:

> pick up computer skills, but in the background they were all playing some
> version of solitaire. ;)

I saw a news report the other day about a new airplane that one of the local
airlines here has just received.  Well, the film crew went down to Seattle
to pick up the plane with all the airline brass and they got a tour of the
Boeing facility.

So the cameraman is inside filming footage of the Boeing factory floor and
he zooms in on this guy 'working' on a computer on the factory floor.

His application, no, not AutoCAD.... solitaire.  On film.  Haha...


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