[thechat] No lies about the dead! (was: What about the econom y?)

Jesus G. Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Mon Aug 20 02:59:39 CDT 2001

Just a quick note (I have been out of the office)
to support Wolfgang's version of what happened in

A friend of mine is a freelance photographer and
was there as well. Says exactly the same. He even
has some photographs of some people dressed like
the "black block" talking with policemen before
the riots started.

Of course, it is easy to dress like a black block
guy, just wear some black sport clothing.

And, on the "to protest or not to protest" discussion
I have to go for the "to protest" solution.

(Martin has already a good point about this, so I am 
not going to elaborate that point)

(and I can't write properly after 1 hour of sleep)


> Ron White wrote on 19/8/01 11:04 pm
> >The Berlin Wall coming down - came down because of people 
> fighting for their
> >own freedom.
> Protest against the oppressor, yes.
> >Apartheid ending - same
> The same, yes, plus boycotts making it economically unviable for SA.
> fwiw, pretty much all the South African AA groups supported 
> the boycott
> >Nazi Germany being defeated - same
> *cough* war *cough*
> >Women's sufferage in most countries - Don't recall much 
> violence with this.
> *cough* Emily Pankhurst
> >The end of the Raj in India (perhaps the seminal non-violent 
> protest)- same
> >as the top three
> Yes, exactly my point.
> >The Polish Solidarity movement - same as the others
> And again
> >The ending of the slave trade from Africa across the 
> Atlantic - this ended
> >mostly because it was cheaper to just breed them in the New 
> World than
> >import them.
> Partially, but also because of the protest movement in Britain led by
> Wilberforce.
> Ron, my point *was* that the only way to end oppression is to protest
> against it.
> Martin
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