[thechat] off and around the world

Schaz schaz at ozemail.com.au
Tue Aug 21 19:15:13 CDT 2001

have fun - we in upside down land are quite a happy bunch

Sydney is an interesting city - I used to live in Palm Beach (where they 
film Home & Away) and along the northern beaches!

Have fun and when it hits xmas time and you are sweating buckets (and I 
mean buckets!) think of all peeps on this list living in the northern 
hemisphere who are freezing their balls off ;o)

Schaz - who lives in Brisbane (about 1,000 km drive north of Sydney - just 
a short drive)

At 01:30 AM 22/08/01, you wrote:
>Hey List,
>just wanted to say that I'm off for some days. I'm going to Australia 
>tomorrow. YEAH! :)
>I will do a practical training in Sydney for six months as part of my 
>studies here in Germany. If I have further details, I'll let you know.
>Yeah, 16,000 km away... :))
>bye Joxn

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