[thechat] off and around the world

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Aug 22 07:04:21 CDT 2001

<<from Schaz>>
Have fun and when it hits xmas time and you are sweating buckets (and I 
mean buckets!) think of all peeps on this list living in the northern 
hemisphere who are freezing their balls off ;o)

<squeaky voice> Ouch! </squeak>     ;-)

Oh, it's not all that bad everywhere up here in the 'right-side-up' world.
[Why do I feel like a character in Dr. Suess' Butter Battle Book? <shrug />]

Here in Houston we can often go swimming in late December.  I think the last
few years I've gone out in the back yard to trim the roses and watch the
butterflys flit about.  It can be pretty darn nice.

{Don't ask about August here ... or February up in northern Ohio}


(Who notes that there has never been a UFO siting in Duluth in January ...
conclusive proof of the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the

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