[thechat] The new Napster?

Shaun M. Anderson ShaunAnderson at smarttech.com
Tue Aug 28 10:34:50 CDT 2001

My (current) personal favorite is Morpheus (http://www.musiccity.com).  I
believe that it runs the same way as KaZaA, (And on the same network) but it
doesn't install that pseudo-Smart tag thing.

It'll DL pieces of the whole file from separate sources and put them back
together after you've got the whole thing.  If you DL a few different files
at a time, it'll max out my cable connection.  The only problem that I've
found is that it kinda slows down my computer when it's running ;-)


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> isn't kazaa the software that installs some other software in stealth 
> that replaces banner ads and adds MS like smart tags?
> gnutella is the way to go IMO :)
> bearshare is a nice gnutella client for windows if you're looking to go 
> that route..
> .djc.
> Norman Beresford wrote:
> > imesh is rather old.  Check out Morpheus, WinMX and Kazaa!
> > 
> > The P2P arena is getting rather like the IM arena with new products
> hitting
> > the net all the time.
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