[thechat] Ethernet Card and DSL and Faxing

Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
Fri Aug 31 02:56:18 CDT 2001

Ron White

>A hardware guru I am not.  :(
I am :-)

>Do I take my modem out to install the Ethernet card?
Not unless you have used up all of your available slots. You can tell this
when you open the box.

>How will I fax?
Unless you have to remove the modem, same as it ever was...
>Can I still use my winfax program?

>should I transfer my 56K modem and give it to my folks and take their 33.6
No reason not to, most fax machines are only 33.6 anyway...

>Will I still be able to have a phone in this room?
Yes, one way or another.
>Does it still plug into the modem or into the Ethernet card?
If the modem stays leave it there, if it goes and the Ethernet card has a
jack, move it there. If there isn't a jack on the Ethernet card then there
is probably a way to split the incoming line, this I'm not sure of since I
haven't done it myself.

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